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Redefining Prosperity is the story of the transformation of culture and economy in California’s largest Gold Rush town -- Nevada City. With its legacies of environmental devastation and extreme mistreatment of both the native Nisenan Indian people as well as the immigrant workers who built many of the mines, Nevada City citizens transformed it into a model community with emphasis on protected common resources, respect for others, local organic foods, artistic creativity, tourism, and citizen engagement. It’s the story of how the fight to save the beautiful Yuba River from being dammed by a foreign corporation brought together previously conflicted segments of the community. Redefining Prosperity provides a powerful message about the importance of working together at the local level to make great changes that can reverberate around the world. A little town in California's Sierra Foothillls shows us how. 


Malaika Bishop

Melinda Booth

Andy Cassano

Shelly Covert

Caleb Dardick

Charles Durrett

Kelly Fleming

Michael Funk

Juliet Gobert

Mikail Graham

Heidi Hall

Roger Hicks

Eli Ilano

Eileen Jorgensen

Paul Jorgensen

Robbie Lansburg

Wade Laughter

Izzy Martin

Scott McLean

Hank Meals

Kim Milligan

Ayla Nereo

Tova Rothert

Reinette Senum

Sierra Harvest Food-Love staff

Jordan Fisher Smith

Mike Snegg

Nina Snegg

Gary Snyder

David Sugalski

John Tecklin

David Vassar

Deborah Weistar

Tom Weistar​


John de Graaf - Director, Writer, Producer

Greg Davis - Director of Photography, Editor

Jennifer Ekstrom - Producer

Jordan Fisher Smith - Consulting Producer

Kevin White - Consulting Producer

Jackie O' Ryan - Narrator

Tom Weistar - Additional Photography

Kevin White - Additional Photography


Roger Hicks

Linda Rachmel 

Mike and Nina Snegg

Reinette Senum

Tom Weistar

Steve Michelson

Steve and Ann Dunsky

Harold and Barbara Degraw

Chuck Jaffee

Brian Hamilton

Michael Bade

Irene Myers

John Peekstok

Kelly Fleming

Juliet Gobert

Chet Salvatori

Ayla Nereo

David Sugalski

Saul and Elena Rayo

Michael and Alicia Funk

Melissa Seibold

Erin Thieme

Michael Sanford

Phil and Lynn Nicholls

Paula Wissel

Therese Frare

Steve and Ann Chambers

Barbara Brower

Orna Locker

Karen Hurley

Melinda Gause and Kent Lowry

Michael Mitrani

Michelle Newbon

Greg Cameron


David Grimes

Synergia Learning Ventures

KVMR Community Radio

South Yuba River Citizens League

Sierra Harvest

Deer Creek Elementary School

Mountain Bounty Farm

Three Forks Bakery and Bistro

Sopa Thai

National Hotel 

Golden Era 

Nevada City Winery

Miner's Foundry

Nevada City Co-Housing

Briar Patch Co-op

Empire Mine State Park

Tahoe National Forest

Nevada City Advocate

Alexandar Gallery

The Union

In memory of Oliver and  Vivian de Graaf.