Redefining Prosperity

Impact campaign

"A beautiful story of community, activism, economics, conflict, and ultimately, coming together. With the nearly two-decade experience of protecting the Yuba River as the lens, the film shares a broader lesson of how we find common ground and common value around the natural resources that sustain us all. And, the film's characters stick with you!"

Brady Walkinshaw, CEO and Publisher, Grist

As progressive environmental and social movements struggle in the current federal political climate, it becomes more and more important to realize the power we wield at the local level. By bringing your community together for a Redefining Prosperity screening and post screening discussion, you can lead participants to identify and act on projects that will enhance your community.

Already know the cause you want to engage with people about? Even better! Redefining Prosperity screenings are a great way to gather and activate people to support local food systems, progressive political candidates, the arts, nature, community building, education, and more...


Often community efforts are scalable, and can snowball as they inspire others. Find out how by booking Redefining Prosperity at your community hall, theater, pub, church or other venue today!

We'll help make sure your event is a success by providing all the tools and guidance you need. Director John de Graaf and Producer Jennifer Ekstrom are available by video-conference or in-person to host your post-screening discussion. 

For more information about impact screenings, contact our Impact Producer,  Jennifer Ekstrom.